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"Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent -- this is how truth would have us be. For truth is a woman, and a woman loves only a WARRIOR."       - Friedrich Nietzsche  

Founded in 2013 by James Deirmendjian, M.A., NASM-PES, Fight Fit Training is the culmination of a lifetime of experience in fitness training, martial arts instruction, protective services work and martial arts competition. Its seeds began while James was training in stand-up fighting, brazilian jiujitsu, and working in high risk executive protection and private security functions, from 2007 onward. During that time, James spent a number of years bouncing around from one corporate "big box" gym to another, trying to hustle up business as a trainer, offering his unique substance back to those who were interested in taking things to the next level in terms of their health and fitness. 

When James realized it was time for him to exit the corporate gym scene, and begin doing things on his own terms, Fight Fit Training arose. The result was an eclectic mix that draws upon a vast wealth of knowledge, ranging from the practical spheres of fitness training, technical and sports performance exercise programming, and the martial arts, all the way to graduate level knowledge in the behavioral and biological sciences. 

Besides bearing certification with the NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, James bears a number of other honors and professional distinctions, including registration with the USPTO as a patent agent, (Category B, Option 2, Biological Sciences), a B.A. degree in Philosophy from the University of Southern California, and a one-of-a-kind M.A. in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis from the University of Essex. Additionally, James spent a number of years working for the Pepperdine University Department of Campus Recreation (Brazilian Jiujistu Instructor), and also took a team of medal-winning grapplers to a tournament while teaching at Bas Rutten's Elite MMA Gym (Submission Wrestling). ​


Jonathon Ford, Father, Former Collegiate Lineman 

speaks on how he lost 40 lbs. in 12 weeks with the PERFORMANCE COACHING service -- over 50 miles away from my training studio. Sets, reps, weights, supplemenation & nutritional support, all by the numbers.  

Brian Gomez, College Student 

talks about how he lost 12 lbs. in JUST 4 WEEKS with the PERFORMANCE COACHING service -- sets, reps, weights all by the numbers, and he took care of his own diet, per his insistence.  

                         William Hynes the Third, Sales                        talks about how he lost nearly 15 lbs. of fat in 5 short weeks, all the while having access to a personable, friendly, available coach, all from a distance with PERFORMANCE COACHING!

Stephanie Parisi, Dancer and Educator 

talks about her experience with IN PERSON TRAINING, and  how it helped her to take the FIGHT to her FITNESS, reclaim her health and find a new and better outlook on things, all in just a few short weeks!  

      Odeh Haddad, Father and Professional Recruiter       on how he lost 24 pounds of fat and gained 6 solid  pounds of lean muscle, in just six weeks, with BODYWEIGHT, kettlebell and FUNCTIONAL movements with IN PERSON TRAINING.                                       

      Gary Bryan, Morning DJ, K-EARTH 101 Los Angeles        Gary talks about how he gained muscle, lost fat, worked around his injuries, strengthened his core, trunk, learned some functional movements and ENJOYED his time, all while receiving IN PERSON TRAINING.

About James Deirmendjian

Thank you so much for taking a look at my page here. I think you'll find that what I'm offering up is something incredibly special. From contact and combat sport athletes, high risk-security, military and LEO populations, to lay people looking to take the FIGHT to their own fitness, I take a tremendous amount of pride in the value and the quality of service that I offer ALL of my clients. The personal connection, however, is what I cherish the most, as it is the motor force of the change that people seek in coming to me. Certainly, there is a great deal of technical know-how involved in all the little details that I take into account in programming a best-in-class training service. From sets, reps, weights, and intervals, I've learned that doing things by the numbers is what GUARANTEES RESULTS, so very little, if anything is left to chance. However, all of the technical expertise is executed in service to something higher, and that is the sanctity of the PERSON who is FIGHTING to gain control over their lives, their bodies, and all the wayward forces that would detract from them experiencing the best possible quality of life.

“Life is either a fight to grow, or it's nothing worth having.”

What We Offer


A world-class experience. Every in person transformation program typically lasts 12 weeks and involves all the technical and scientific expert judgment that comes with the PERFORMANCE COACHING service -- with the added benefit of having a workout buddy who won't spare you the axe! 


A program that typically lasts 12 weeks and can be done effectively FROM ANY DISTANCE. It begins with an assessment and an evaluation of your goals. After we've collected your data, a weekly custom program is drip fed to you, with everything by the numbers -- sets, reps, weights, intervals, cardio, and so-forth. Three tiers of service are available depending on the level of care that you desire. 


In person and online, COMING SOON with detailed video content! Practical self-defense and "MMA conditioning" drills that have been battle tested by James over a 10 year period of time working in protective services, from keeping the peace at the seediest dives, to taking care of celebrities in the rowdiest of night clubs. 


Don't leave anything to chance! Make sure your body has everything it needs to get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS. Available standard with in person training Available as an add-on feature with PERFORMANCE COACHING, depending on the tier of commitment (nutritional support at Tier 2, and supplementation support at Tier 3).  


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"James will get you fired up to be working out! His style of training has you leaving the gym feeling accomplished and motivated for more! Kick boxing drills are the best! Besides that, the resistance training was a GAME CHANGER for my tennis and pickup basketball games. James was so good, in fact, that I've chosen to do repeat business with him on a number of occasions -- the extent to which working with him improves my quality of life is immeasurable, and the fact that I can trust him to make the judgments for me saves me SO MUCH time and trouble. Five out of five stars, easily." - Jonathon Fersht, Agoura Hills, CA

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Since starting with James, my results have been fantastic.  I've lost about 20 lbs of fat and gained 7 lbs of muscle, and rehabbed some lingering injuries to my hip, and piriformis.  I can confidently say I'm in the best shape I've been since I was a Senior in HS (at which time I was training for sports 5-6 days a week, 2-3 hours per day).  I'm a pretty advanced lifter and I have seen tremendous benefit from having James to help with programming and accountability." - Ted Gooch, Agoura Hills, CA  

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"James is the best in the business. You see to many times trainers not taking a personalized approach with their clients. When we have a session.... its all about getting the most out of that hour. No BS. James is results driven. With his written program, it has helped motivate me to get in my workouts and continue to build strength....whether in a training session or on my own. Also, a huge plus  has been his recommendations for vitamins, protein, diet etc. It opened my eyes to a lot products that I now use every day. I would recommend James to any one looking for the most value out of a training session. You will not find a trainer in the area that will work you harder than James."                          - Scott Beth, Agoura Hills, CA

Are you Fit to Fight?

What we offer is not for everyone.


  • Combat & Contact Sport Athletes
  • Combat Arms Military, LEO, Protective Services and First Responders
  • Athletes of all stripes looking to enhance performance
  • Everyday people looking to take the FIGHT to their FITNESS! 


  • People who like the idea of getting into good shape 
  • People who aren't interested in putting in the work
  • Those who imagine that GROWTH requires something besides PAIN 
  • Individuals who scared of SACRIFICING the ORDINARY for something EXTRAORDINARY in return 
Get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE in 12 weeks or less, GUARANTEED!

I'm so convinced you'll get everything you're looking for out of my service, that I GUARANTEE your results -- so long as you can take a little bit of direction. From Performance Coaching to In Person service, there is nothing I offer that I don't stand behind 100%, pending customer compliance, of course! 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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How can you guarantee my results? 

How do I know that this service is legitimate? 

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